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Over 60 Years of Excellence

Our story all starts back at a local roller skating rink in the 1930’s where our founders, Elgin and Helen Arnold, first met. As teenage sweethearts skating around the roller rink, the two remained by one another’s side ever since. As an ambitious team with a strong work ethic and two entrepreneurial minds, Elgin and Helen started two businesses that have left an incredible legacy in our community. 



Helen opened Helen’s Children’s Wear over at Hastings Heights and Gilmore. Known for her keen sense of fashion and high-end clothing, children from all over the Vancouver area came to shop at Helen’s store.



Elgin and Helen bought a piece of land in Burnaby at Kingsway and Royal Oak where they started the Four Seasons Oasis Car Wash. With only a bucket and a hose hooked up to an old house on the property, Elgin diligently washed each car by hand, giving each customer a first-class experience. Oasis Car Wash quickly built a reputation for excellence in customer service as Elgin and his crew ensured each car was spotless, both inside and out.


Customers loved the personalized service Oasis Car Wash offered. The business expanded to a second location to serve customers out in West Vancouver at Park Royal. 



Only five years later, Elgin opened a third location in North Vancouver on Marine Drive, and word spread quickly. Customers brought their cars from all over Vancouver because of the detailed, hand-washed service delivered consistently every wash.



After 30 years of business, Elgin closed the Park Royal location.



After 60 years of serving the community, 87-year-old Helen closed the doors of Helen’s Children’s Wear. The iconic Girl on the Swing that was part of the original store’s sign continues to shine in Hastings Heights in Helen’s honour. 



Elgin Arnold passed away, leaving behind an incredible legacy of integrity and passion that continues to drive Four Seasons Oasis Car Wash. 



The very first location at Kingsway and Royal Oak officially closed its doors. 


Later that year, Helen Arnold went to be with Elgin, just shy of 100-years-old. Helen’s quick wit, passion, strength, and love for others greatly impacted our community. Her loss continues to be felt by all who knew her.



Steve Daniels, who has served at the company for over four decades, continues to carry on Elgin and Helen’s vision and ambition at the North Vancouver location.


September 29, 2023

It is with great sadness that the vision Steve has tried to carry on, from Elgin and Helen, must end. 

“It is the sign of the times” he says.  The cost of keeping a small business afloat just doesn’t exist anymore.  “The high cost of property taxes, insurance, materials and especially labour make it impossible to stay afloat.”


Thank you to our employees for helping to keep our business going.  Nothing but best wishes for your future.




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